Friday, July 25, 2008


After a few beers and burgers at Neighborhood (a bar on ground floor of our apt building), we decided to head over to an art party. It was held in conjunction with some of the ComicCon folks and aptly named ‘Superhero’ with many comics themed pieces of artwork.

After walking through a desolate and sketchy part of town and Liz having her first encounter ever with city cockroaches, we finally found the plain looking brick building that housed the function. We were greeted by security at the velvet rope and could hear the music blasting and voices mingling from the inside. After a quick check of our foreign Michigan ID’s we were let in to find this scene:

We had a great time looking at the art and enjoying the music. Unfortunately the bar was cash only and all we had were debit-cards and not an ATM in sight. Luckily for us the guy throwing (Jeromy) the party hooked us up with drink tickets (thanks man!). I think he felt sorry for us Midwest transplants with no friends.

Liz pondered on buying one of the pieces until we realized that we were a few-too-many beers deep and even deeper than that in debt. Ha.

These were a few of our favorite pieces:

Anthony Lister

Daniel Johnston


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